3 Effective Methods to Increase your Productivity

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With changing times and demands, higher productivity is needed more and more so here we focus on the best 3 effective methods to increase your productivity. While it may manifest that increasing time can increase your productivity, the real skill is how to use that increased productivity effectively.

3 effective methods to increase your productivity are: 

  1. Set SMARTER goals: 

To increase your productivity on any task, it’s crucial to set goals that can help you bring out your best, and to do this you can use the SMARTER goals method where,

S- Specific: At first, your goals need to be specific, so that you can gain clarity about what you need to do and how you need to do it. Try to remove ambiguous words and phrases such as, maybe, I might, I can probably do that.   

M- Measurable: Secondly, try to assess how the goal you want to do is measured, this measure will help you to determine how much you should work and when your work gets optimum. You can create your own benchmark if there’s not any standard one available with you.

A- Attainable: This helps to determine if your goals are realistic or not. Having unrealistic goals can result in loss of time and resources, and setting realistic goals very easily can also result in loss of interest. Therefore, you need to set goals that are challenging enough to motivate you, but not too challenging that make it unachievable. You can use past knowledge and experience for this purpose. 

R- Relevant: There should be some relevance behind the goal or you can lose motivation at the start of the project. Hence, when setting a goal think about how this goal will affect you and your future.

T- Timely: Having a deadline is necessary to keep yourself in check of your progress. One effective method for setting deadlines is to first make deadlines that give you more than enough time to complete your project and then challenge yourself to beat this deadline by more and more time. 

E- Evaluate:  Having particular measures that help to evaluate a goal in all its phases of completion helps to build better strategies to complete that goal. You can ask a friend or professional to evaluate your goal or you can use your own measures and set your own phases of evaluation. 

R- Readjust: Finally, try to have a goal that can be set back and readjusted so that your final product won’t suffer. 

Therefore, if you need to increase your productivity for your presentation, then first you need to be specific on what is your presentation topic, then you need to measure how much work you need to complete the demonstration, then assess if your address topic is relevant to the current show or not. Eventually, you can set a deadline for your demonstration, take specific measures of who will evaluate your presentation, and then leave your address topic open for future readjustments. 

3 effective methods to increase your productivity

  1. Pomodoro Technique: The Pomodoro Technique is a simple technique about using time intervals effectively to produce better productivity. It suggests working in 25-minute intervals which gets followed by 5-minute breaks, hence you start your work while setting a 25-minute timer, then take a few minutes of rest (typically 5) and then continue this process until your work is finished. After four intervals increase your rest period to 20-30 minutes. 

What makes this technique so effective is that it caters to the limit of the human attention span as well as it provides enough time for the person to relax and work on their task with a less tired mind. Furthermore, dividing the task into smaller parts can contribute to less procrastination, a feeling that arises from seeing a big task.

You can also experiment with this technique by making changes in both work and rest intervals and comment on which interval combination is the best for your productivity.

  1. Minimize distractions: 

One of the biggest barriers to productivity is distractions and in today’s world, distractions are hard to ignore, such as notifications from social media apps. To do this, first become aware of what are your biggest distractions. For this purpose try to observe how much you spend time for every task, and after two days of observations, figure out your biggest distractions. Then, find measures to deal with those distractions. While removing them can be a good option, sometimes it’s not the most effective one, the better solution is to control them by allocating specific time limits. 

For smartphone distractions, you can use focus mode while working or silence the notifications from distracting apps. Furthermore, you can make distractions far from your reach, such as working in an empty cubicle where no gossip or social media notification can reach you.

There can be a number of techniques that can help you increase your productivity, what you should focus on is which technique and what variation of that technique is most useful for you.

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