4 Effective Measures to Build your Self-worth

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Self-worth is an individual’s perception of how much they value themselves and what criterion they use to value themselves. One problem that lies with this perception is the role played by society as we often use external measures such as accomplishments and our like-ability with how much we think we value ourselves. Here, we will here focus on 4 effective measures to build your self-worth.

Some studies made on this aspect suggest that doing this external comparison can lead to stress, relationship, and performance issues. But assessing self-worth that comes from self-understanding, self-love, and self-acceptance, can build an unshakable faith in yourself that helps to generate feelings of happiness and resilience to deal with difficult situations in life. 

Therefore, it’s crucial to build self-worth on your internal self-love and acceptance. Now, self-love doesn’t mean allowing yourself to sleep till noon and avoiding your responsibilities in the name of rest, but self-love means to take hard decisions for yourself that respect you and your values. 

The 4 effective measures to build your self-worth are:

  1. Know yourself: 

The first step towards building your self-worth is increasing your own awareness about yourself.  One effective way to understand yourself on a deeper level is to ask yourself who you are when you don’t have your accomplishments, relationship, and career. 

Furthermore, you can build a habit of writing a journal everyday where you ask yourself questions such as, What are you feeling today? What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? Your biggest fears and dreams? What are you best at? What do you face the most difficulty in dealing with? What are your best qualities as well as your worst? 

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The next step is to make peace with who you are. Right now whether you made a major mistake or achieved something extraordinary, acceptance is important. To do this, start by repeating the following affirmations after identifying your weaknesses: 

  • I accept the good, bad, and ugly of me.
  • I accept my weaknesses, fears, and behaviors I am not proud of. 
  • I am allowed to have feelings and failures.
  • I will forgive myself for my weaknesses and failures, it’s okay to have them.
  • I will work on my weaknesses, fears, and negative behaviors instead of criticizing myself over them.

  1. Take responsibilities: 

When we take full responsibility for our actions, we build power within ourselves as well as determine if someone else can have this power to hurt us or not. To take this responsibility means to understand the fact that we always have control over our actions, and even when others don’t support or show us the care we need, we always have our own selves to back us in difficult times. Therefore, try to take responsibility for all of the actions or situations presented to you and acknowledge that you do have the power to change the events of your life

  1. Build compassion for yourself: 

After building accountability and acceptance in yourself, it’s crucial to have compassion within yourself. This compassion will help you to treat yourself with kindness and generosity. One simple method to build this compassion is by talking to yourself in a kind way. Try to observe how you speak about yourself to others and yourself and identify how many of those sentences were positive and negative.

Then, try to challenge yourself by increasing the positive things as well as adding possible work in negative things so that they become a path to grow. For example, I am not good at this software, but I have a plan on how to learn this.

Furthermore, build a habit of gratitude within yourself by thanking others when they help you. Also, if you face difficulty in accepting compliments then it’s crucial for your own self-worth to learn that you deserve compliments and you should thank others to see the potential within you and compliment you.

  1. Give time for self-care:

By providing enough time for self-care activities such as exercising, taking proper sleep, and spending time with ourselves, our subconscious mind helps us in building self-worth as it suggests that we are taking proactive measures to do things for ourselves. These small things not only help to create a feeling of accomplishment but also help us in prioritizing ourselves too in the world.

Building self-care boundaries is one of the major steps that everyone should take, This boundary helps us to judge the limit after which interacting or helping others can become harmful for us. Try to build this boundary for yourself in different settings by asking yourself, Is this thing starting to hurt me or my self-care plans in any way? And “how can I effectively communicate this boundary to others?  

There’s also the role of social media that affects our perception of self-worth as we often associate social media trends and likes as a source for generating higher self-worth. And it’s important to understand that there’s no amount of likes that can help you in building your satisfaction as well as there are no perfect people so it’s okay not to put yourself under pressure on making others like you. Try to ask yourself questions, such as: 

  • Is social media impacting how you see yourself and how you present yourself to others?  
  • Does social media affect your self-worth?
  • How can you use social media to build your self-worth?

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Now, it’s not necessary that social media is negative for your self-worth, it can also help you to understand yourself and your interests. The important thing is to draw the boundary of when it starts hurting you and allowing yourself to take a break from it when it does. 

The world is filled with uncertainties and issues, but it’s the self-worth that helps us to keep moving ahead in life. To build this unwavering self-worth, it’s crucial to understand yourself as well as accepting yourself completely. 

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