Personal Development Hack 132: How to Deal with Office Politics?

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Finding out ways to deal with office politics has become a pertinent issue as research suggests that about a third of the employee’s reason office politics as the cause of their unhappiness at the workplace. 

So, what’s the best way to deal with office politics? The best hack could be taking an approach that shifts focus from employees and their own politics to what could be the best for the organization. Hence, when you discuss the advantages and disadvantages of things related to business and organization, everyone in the organization will favor the approach best for the organization because a loss of their organization enterprise is a loss for them.   

A major part of this technique or hack is to learn how to subtly steer the discussion in this direction. This involves distancing yourself from politics and focusing on grasping the clearest picture about things at your workplace. It’s a tough skill to acquire but slowly thinking about grapevine discussions and politics with respect to their impact and what could be the best approach for the organization in small things can help in building this.

Furthermore, you also need to document your time while working on each project and task, so that nobody can take credit for your work. To do this, make sure you let your co-workers and superiors know about your current work and your recently completed projects. This not only protects your reputation in advance but also helps you to boost your productivity.

Bonus tip: Changing the work culture into a positive one is a slow but effective method to overcome office politics. And the best way to do this is to praise others’ work and efforts even when they fail, encourage teamwork and be empathetic. By actively making an effort to change the culture to one that appreciates and helps each other instead of backstabbing and blaming, you can create a better environment for everyone.

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