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Employee morale can be simply understood as to how positive and supportive an employee or group of employees feels toward their organization. Here, we will focus on 5 simple ways to boost employee morale.

It can be seen through the special feelings employees share with others, such as trust, self-worth, purpose, pride, and faith in leadership, organizational success, increase employee morale and performance.

Research finds that a number of factors affect employee morale including, relationships with fellow workers, communication, team spirit, work, pay, promotion, working conditions, leaves and holidays sanctioned, management, and freedom to talk freely.

In short, employee morale is influenced by job satisfaction and the perception of employees about their job. 

Why Boosting Employees Morale At Work is Important?

Firstly, It helps to increase the job satisfaction and productivity of the employee. When employees enjoy their work environment, they try to push themselves to become efficient. 

Secondly, having positive morale helps to create a positive attitude among employees. This furthermore, helps to attain organizational commitment and goals, hence morale determines the performance of employees as well as the performance of the organization.

Thirdly, It helps the organization to reduce the cost of turnover and absences increased by employees to reduce stress.  

And lastly, having higher morale also works as a competitive edge of an organization as employees with higher morale prove themselves to be resilient even in the most stressful and uncertain period of the organization.

What Reduces This Morale At The Workplace?

A critical number of internal factors within an organization affect the morale of employees in negative ways, major of them is lack of clarity in the role, lack of personal growth, leadership problems, miscommunication, and conflicts with coworkers.

These factors if not taken seriously can lead to a decrease in employee engagement and eventually an increased turnover rate

Top 5 Ways To Boost Employee Morale and Motivation

  1. Effective communication: 

Communication is one of the most powerful ways to build as well as keeping employee morale high. 

To do this, managers can have one-on-one conversations with employees from time to time.

By this communication, they not only discuss work but also try to understand the feelings of employees by asking questions such as: 

  • How are you feeling about your job/manager/work/teammates?
  • Are you facing any challenges lately? How can I help you?
  • Are you happy at work? How can I help you?

  1. Training and appraisal to employees: 

Organizations can provide on-the-job training opportunities to boost their skills and performance. 

Managers play a key role here as they help to identify individual needs and goals using a performance management system.

            With this system, employees can get sound appraisals in return for their hard work.

  1. Training for managers to become better coaches:

Managers can help employees to increase their morale by creating job descriptions that align with their passions.

Again, communication is the key here to successfully identify the needs and passion that actually help boost morale rather than only increasing productivity

Effective managers not only seek to increase productivity, but they seek to discover the hidden talents of employees.

  1. Appreciate your employees: 

Appreciation and gratitude are some of the quickest ways to boost morale in the workplace. 

By sending a quick note of ‘thank you’ or ‘well done after a meeting or showing appreciation 

What makes this even more effective is that appreciation and gratitude are contagious in nature, meaning they help to build an environment where employees can openly show gratitude to anyone.

  1. Opportunities to socialize and having fun:

As much as being serious is important at work, having regular breaks and opportunities to have fun is also important.

Through common celebrations, teams share common goals, which lead to increased trust and communication within employees. 

Management should promote the gathering and team-building exercises from time to time.

Management can also encourage participation from everyone in these social events by allowing them to choose how they want to participate. 

Employee morale is a crucial factor that determines employee engagement and satisfaction. It is highly dependent on how employee’s feel about their work, their managers, and teammates. Hence, management can take specific steps to increase this morale to benefit the employee as well as the organization.

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