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How minimalism can change your life Is a question that is becoming more and more relevant in the current world scenario where we exist information about any products or utility is just one click away from us. Our consumerist stance lures us into buying more and more as a consequence of which we find our physical and mental space to be highly cramped and shrinking by the day.

Researches into the relevant subject point out that a high consumption rate is directly proportional to high financial liabilities, low personal well being and utter lack of concern with the environment we exist and operate in.  To learn other methods to work on mental health, click here.

How minimalism can change your life

While most of us have miserably failed to observe the cluttering of our persona, certain individuals like Marie Kondo, Joshua Fields, and Ryan Nicodemus have carefully considered the impact of these cluttering habits and have started talking about minimalism after seeing the positive impacts (such as increased satisfaction and better relationships) of it in their own lives. Thus minimalism, as is well known in the world of art, essentially means a low-consumption lifestyle where people deliberately try to live by fewer but quality goods or possessions, which are essential for a healthy persona. 

The mechanism of minimalism is quite simple. First, evaluate everything you possess, including your physical needs, digital requirements, and time available. Secondly, decluttering everything that you don’t need and retaining only really valuable stuff yourself. Thirdly, getting rid or donating the items you don’t actually need and utilize the extra time to focus on yourself. Finally, develop a habit to buy only something that increases value in your life and allows you to spend more time doing the same. 

Even after having considered these crucial issues, you are still in a state of dilemma about it, whether to retain an item or not, then pose yourself the following questions:

  • Would this item sparkle joy or add any value in my life?
  • How often would I really use this item?
  • Will this item be helpful to me in future as well?

This concept of minimalism not only helps you to discard unnecessary items but also helps you in making decisions as well as finding things that bring value in your life. For example, if you think too much as to whether you should meet your particular acquaintance or not, ask yourself if meeting this person brings you real happiness or adds something valuable to your life or not? Though ostensibly this may sound self-serving, it’s very practical to carefully choose events that bring positivity in your persona. 

Many times you often get attached to things and relationships that you find it hard to let go of, and hence the concept of minimalism becomes even more important in bringing home the fact that letting go things that aren’t helping you, is an exercise that opens a window for joyful existence. What you can do is to start with the small things and gradually letting go more and more of such cluttered things.

This decluttering and low-consumption lifestyle can help you to increase your focus and self-awareness. As and when you consciously choose between your items to retain only the necessary ones, you actually focus only on those things that you actually like and not things that you acquired only to impress others.

This process of decluttering helps to remove possible distractions from your lives, such as removing unnecessary apps from smartphones and other gadgets that you won’t play in your room. This effort can save a lot of your time as well as increase your productivity. Hence, it helps you to know yourselves better, set priorities, and work on those self-fixed goals. 

Minimalism also helps to improve your financial life by allowing the selective shopping of only those things that you value and cherish. Wouldn’t it be better to buy a 20 dollar t-shirt that you will wear comfortably than buying four 5 dollar t-shirts which you will wear only once? In the decluttering effort, you can dispose of your unwanted items online, thus raising money from  things you probably won’t use anytime henceforth.

By raising such extra savings, you can have a better and stable position for yourself.  Besides that, you will also be saving a great deal of time and energy which is required to handle a large number of items. Organizing fewer items will thus become all the easier and you will also be saving time that usually gets wasted in browsing and then shopping for such wasteful items. 

As minimalism enables us to go in for only quality rather than quantity, it can sometimes become a little costly affair too, nevertheless, this concept brings out the importance of quality in relationships rather than quantity.

Hence, people following minimalism often say that they have only a couple of friends, but they are really happy and more satisfied as compared to those who boast of having a large number of friends. This also helps you to appreciate what is actually important in life. When you focus more on communication with listening skills instead of delving into frustrations in relationships that are caused when people come together. 

How minimalism can change your life through personal well-being:

By prioritizing things for yourselves, minimalism helps you to focus more on problems confronting yourselves. It also builds a feeling that you are prioritizing for yourselves thus boosting your confidence and self-esteem further. It is needless to say that a decluttered or clean space is associated with increased concentration and a positive mood.

Minimalism has its social and environmental benefits as well. Any decluttered stuff donated by minimalists can help others in real need and thus build positive emotions for themselves with their positive deeds. The environmental benefits accrued by less consumption of products result in less production and hence less pollution. It is even more relevant for the present generation which is now more and more getting concerned with the present climate crisis.

The concept of minimalism is not just about reducing shopping or removing distractions, but it’s about understanding yourself, what you like, what brings value to you, and how you can prioritize yourself by decreasing the number of things you don’t like. 

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