Personal Development Hack 126: How to Build Accountability in your Employees?

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How to build accountability in your employees is highly desirable for an organization and its employees’ performance as it is based on the ability of the employee in recognizing their role in multiple situations and taking appropriate action instead of pointing fingers or blaming others. 

In organizations, managers consider building accountability amongst the employees as a crucial goal to strengthen trust and boost employee performances. A study suggested that about nine out of 10 employees regard accountability within an organization as one of its most desired qualities.

Accountability, even though put up in such high regard, is still a skill that a number of employees lack. One of the possible reasons for this lack could be the disengagement of employees from their organization. This disengagement could be a result of a majority of the employees being unable to completely understand the strategies followed by the organization.

The best hack to boost accountability amongst employees is by overcoming the engagement barrier, you can do this by including all your team members in the goal-setting process. The goal-setting process includes setting agendas, priorities, and goals for the organization and the teams. To involve employees in this process, begin by identifying the project and goals of which each employee is a part. Then, communicate to the employees about the value of their input and how much it is appreciated during this process. And lastly, invite them to the goal-setting meetings while simultaneously encouraging them to provide their ideas and/or thoughts. 

This works exceptionally well as by involving employees in this process, employees get the feeling that their ideas and thoughts are heard by the organization. This helps them to better visualize and understand how their role affects the organization’s vision. 

Bonus tip: Practise what you preach”: You can’t build accountability amongst your team if you aren’t accountable for yourself in the first place. Hence, try to openly accept and discuss your mistakes and successes with the team.

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