Personal Development Hack 115: How to Build Self-confidence?

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It’s crucial to learn how to build self-confidence to confidently confront various daily life situations, be it as small as asking a question confidently or as big as doing what they feel is right even if some of their friends don’t like it.  Self-confidence basically means believing and trusting in yourself, your judgments, your experiences, abilities, valuing yourself, and feeling worthy regardless of others’ critical beliefs about you.

But being confident does not mean that you don’t see any mistakes in your behavior, rather confident behavior is all about accepting one’s mistakes and working with others to reach the top of the ladder. 

A lot of people face difficulty in being confident because of a vicious cycle where those who have low confidence tend to take up fewer initiatives towards reaching their goal success, and since success is not achieved their confidence seems to further scale down. So, how do we break this cycle? 

A powerful hack to break this cycle is to start taking control of your tasks and responsibilities. Start with identifying your daily task and responsibility, then make a to-do list for them and try to accomplish as many of them as possible by yourself. This hack works by building a sense of accomplishment that comes when you achieve your daily goals, especially without any external help. 

Remember to finish them by yourself as when you complete a goal by yourself, you start believing in yourself a little more. This is a good start, but to boost your self-confidence so that it’s reflected in your personality, you need to challenge yourself a little more every day and keep reminding yourself of all your hard work and past accomplishments. 

And if you feel like you are losing confidence because of any external situation, ask yourself, “What past event or task was difficult for you, but you still succeeded in finishing that” and tell yourself that “It was you who succeeded in that situation and you can do it again too”.  

Bonus tip: Using your full name in conversations has proven to communicate your confidence to others, so instead of saying, “ Hello, I am Mark”, try “ Hello, I am Mark Wood”.  

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