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How to build your own accountability could be understood as the willingness to be responsible for an action or a task. By being accountable you do not only move toward your goals and reach for your dreams, but you also accelerate your performance by having consistent and steady progress. Furthermore, as you show accountability in your daily life you also boost trust and respect with your friends, family, and coworkers. 

So, how to build your accountability? A simple and effective hack is to use a post-card Hack. It is an effective technique of using postcards as reminders, to set and review your goals regularly, and hold yourself accountable for not reaching the expected growth. To do this, first, take some postcards, break them down and write your goals into these postcards. You can do this by setting your sub-goals based on your expectations.

For example, the first card you get after one week and you expect to complete 30% of your goal. The second card you get after two weeks and you expect to complete 60% of your goal and so on. And if you think your own expectations may turn out to be biased, then you can take help from your friend or someone you trust to set reasonable expectations.

Secondly, when the postcard arrives, you can do an honest evaluation of your progress. You may do this by asking yourself the following question: 

  • Are you where you had expected yourself to be? 
  • How much are you behind or ahead of your expectations?
  • What can you do to now ensure that you stay on track until the next postcard arrives?

Using postcards may at times prove to be a little difficult for some, an alternative could be using simple reminders on your smartphone. Again break down your goal into sub-goals and make reminders for each day. Remember to keep a note of the three assessment questions so that you can hold yourself accountable.

This is highly effective because of two reasons, first, writing down your goals helps you to actually start working on your goal. And secondly, you can review your progress slowly and hold yourself accountable for specific things.

Bonus tip: Get yourself an accountability partner that will notify you whenever you sidetrack from your responsibilities.

Challenge: Think about the last time you couldn’t take accountability for anything, how has that affected you? What action can you now take to build accountability for that? And write that in the comments.

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