Personal Development Hack 108: How to Get Out of your Comfort Zone?

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How to get out of your comfort zone is crucial because being too comfortable at times restraints our ability to grow, such that we may find ourselves feeling stuck in a routine. Yerkes and Dodson (1908) in their study found that a state of relative comfort creates a steady level of performance. Hence, by increasing challenges to an optimal amount you can break this steadiness and achieve your optimal performance. They called the space between comfort zone and panic zone optimal Anxiety or the stretch zone.

How can you assess your comfort zone? The best way to assess it is by changing aspects of your life a little and observing those particular aspects that made you feel uncomfortable when such a change took place. Remember, those areas where you feel uncomfortable and/or stuck are a part of your comfort zone. 

And to get yourself out of your comfort zone, the most useful hack is to remove uncertainty within situations by finding information to diminish your fears. As fear of uncertainty is one of the biggest causes which nourish and maintain one’s comfort zones, you need to break your comfort zone first by educating yourself.

Hence, if you want to try a new hobby such as early morning jogging but feel uncomfortable about leaving your comfort zone, then start with gathering as much information as you can about nearby parks and timings. Read articles, watch videos, read books and even talk with people you know who can accompany you while jogging. Slowly, you will realize that the more you know about something, the less scared you will feel about it. And by gathering that information you can make choices about which timing or how much jogging is good for you.

Another hack you can use is to talk to people outside of your circle, as they may provide you with new thinking and new experiences, they also might help you to increase your confidence about facing certain uncertainties. After you start being comfortable with that you can take it a step further and talk with people you usually disagree with to understand and gain further new perspectives. 

Therefore, by identifying where your comfort zone lines you can create a new path of success. Begin with simple steps such as trying new things and gathering more information about those things.

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