Personal Development Hack 107: How to Identify your Psychological Blind Spots?

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Each one of us has some psychological blind spots or aspects of our personalities or behaviors that are obvious to others but not to us. These behaviors can prove to be a hindrance in our personal development, for example, we always know a person who complains about something, but never acknowledge their mistake or part in those issues because of them being unaware of their blind spot. Discovering these blind spots is crucial because it helps us to discover areas in which we can improve amongst ourselves and continue to grow.

To identify your blind spots, you need to look for some repetitive experience within yourself that seems inexplicable or makes you think that why is it happening with me? Hence, think about situations a little more careful where: 

  1. People describe you differently than how you see yourself.
  2. Instances where you think things got worse because of bad luck.
  3. You keep having the same issues with a set of people.
  4. Identify all things, people, events, or situations that make you feel annoyed, weird, or affected. These things might represent your blind spots.

Another way to identify blind spots is by asking for honest feedback from your trusted friends. You can do this by taking feedback on what could be your strengths and weaknesses from your friends. To better understand their feedback you ask them to provide some examples of why they think these particular traits are expressed through your behavior.   

Finally, to work on your blind spots take a slow approach involving accepting your truths and taking small, actionable steps to work on these blind spots. For example, if you found out that one of your blind spots is negative gossiping(which involves demeaning or making fun of others for a laugh in a conversation.), then try to count how many times you gossip in a day and then make smaller goals to reduce that count while learning ways to avoid gossip interactions.

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