Personal development hack 116: How to Make a Decision when you are too confused?

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How to make a decision when you are too confused is important when we all face situations where we want to buy or choose something and to get the best thing for ourselves, we begin seeking more information and research choices that possibly exist to make a well-informed decision. However, doing that for a lot of people proves to be counterproductive as it makes it even more confusing than before to reach a final decision.

Research suggests that even a minimum of four options tend to make it harder to reach a decision. A possible explanation could be a phenomenon called multiple approach-avoidance conflicts, a person feels conflicted with two or more choices as they are accompanied by multiple positive and negative aspects. Hence, the more choices there are, the more positives and negatives there would be, thereby increasing the conflict the person experiences. 

Therefore, in order to become an effective decision-maker, identify and understand your priorities and then decide upon only a few alternatives for yourself based on these priorities. Doing this will help you understand your wants, limits, and other factors that might affect your decision. As well as, it also allows you enough time to consider each alternative while giving you enough space to look for others. 

For example, if you want to buy a new smartphone, follow the next steps:

  1. Ask yourself, “What is your major reason for buying a new smartphone”?
  2. Choose two major features of a smartphone that you definitely need and cannot compromise with. 
  3. Identify your absolute budget that you won’t change for this particular item?
  4. Identify 2-3 smartphones that have these features with them and also fit in your budget?
  5. At last, make a deadline of finishing this task of buying a smartphone and don’t look for options other than the previously selected alternatives.

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