Personal Development Hack 104: How to Make an Elevator Pitch?

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An elevator pitch is a short 30-60 second memorable speech about yourself or the philosophies, goals, and ideals of your organization. It got this name from the concept of selling ideas in a timespan that lasts one elevator ride, hence also called an elevator speech. It is a helpful skill for job interviews, networking events, professional and non-professional gatherings and may result in creating better opportunities for you. 

Its main purpose is not closing a deal, rather making the other person more curious about you and the work your organisation does. 

The idea is to make a concise summary of yourself and your interest that also becomes highly effective to introduce yourself in front of people from different occupations such as doctors, CEOs, or bankers.

To make an optimal elevator pitch for yourself, follow the given steps:

  1. Start with a crisp introduction of who you are and what do you or your organization do? Why is your work important? 
  2. Then, try to explain any idea of yours that you think is unique, intriguing, and attention-grabbing (This can take a while, but try practicing this a few times before using it in real life).
  3. Make your elevator pitch revolve around your goals and how that goal is congruent with the other person.
  4. Also, try to engage them with an open-ended question that makes the other person think more in-depth rather than superficially about your ideas.
  5. Remember to express your gratitude to those who took out time from their life to listen to your pitch and provide them your contact information and/or business card.

For example, I am Mark, I recently graduated from Oxford University with a degree in communications. I worked on the college newspaper as a reporter, and eventually, as the editor of the arts section. Have you heard about watchdog or yellow journalism?  My goal is to work at an organization that will put my skills as a journalist to work. Thank you for your time, here’s my contact information if you want to give me an opportunity to work with you.  

Try to keep practicing different variations of your pitch using different skills and ideas to successfully come up with your best version of it. Record your speech and use another friend’s help to make sure that the speech is clear and effective.

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