Personal Development Hack 120: How to Make Any Boring Work Fun?

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How to make any boring work fun is a crucial skill to increase productivity as we do any work or task in our routine, it slowly becomes boring and uninteresting, which most of the time results in procrastination and unproductiveness. There are also certain tasks which we never liked due to their nature as they didn’t align well with our interest areas, but we still need to do them to move further in life, for example, writing a report of your already completed work, filing taxes at the end of the year, or watching a movie of a genre you don’t like. And it’s okay to not feel passionate about everything. 

Obviously, these are unique for everyone as something which is boring for one person can be exciting for another. But there is a useful hack that could be used by anyone to make any boring task more fun. The hack is to focus on the aspects you control about the task and make them fun. This is highly effective because it helps you to remember that even when the task is boring, it’s you who has control over it and you always can make it fun if you want to. This can be done by using either of the two following methods:

  1. Add challenges by using time constraints: This involves challenging yourself a little more by adding more time constraints such as setting a timer. This is also good for your self-care as, if you complete a task earlier, then you are rewarded with more time for yourself.

It also includes providing sufficient rewards after completion of a challenge, like in a video game except that this time you are getting benefit by completing a boring task so you will reward yourself. As a thumb rule, the higher the challenge, the better and more enjoyable the reward should be. 

  1. Add something new: This includes adding a component into your work that you always enjoy so that your work feels a little more fun for you. This might seem like the burden of the work or task is increased, but rather it can also motivate the person to actually start the work. 

This can be done two ways, either by adding the new fun component at the beginning of the task, such as listening to music while cleaning. And secondly, adding the fun task at the end to motivate yourself to reach that point such as cleaning with a water gun after you have done the dusting.  

Therefore, If you feel like writing a report is boring for you, then you can try challenging yourself with a timer for 30 minutes and working at your maximum speed. Also, you can add a new section to the report that matches your interest such as using your favorite gifs and memes to explain the report in a fun way. Remember to reward yourself for finishing the task before its deadline. 

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