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A specific hack of the STAR method can help you learn how to nail your interview. Interviews are one of the most crucial parts of the hiring process. It not only gives interviewers/hiring managers a chance to evaluate candidates, but also gives interviewees a chance to impress the hiring manager with their skills, qualifications, and other traits that make them unique. The basic preparations include making a stark resume, working on body language, researching about the organization, and working on the first impression.  

Interviewers always ask questions about you or the challenges you faced in the past or your strengths/weaknesses and for every one of these questions, you can use a particular hack to separate yourself from the other candidates. The hack is to present stories that demonstrate your skills and abilities. These stories not only help get the attention of the interviewer but also communicate the past experience and your skills. 

An effective way to build these stories with your experience is through the STAR method. This includes focusing on the Situation, Task, Action, and Result of some challenges you successfully faced in the past. 

Hence, you can do this in a 4 step process:

  1. Situation: Start by identifying a situation or challenge that matches with the question asked by the interviewer. Prepare a few in advance that cater to common questions such as the biggest obstacle faced in the past or what you learned in the past. 

Then present that situation to the hiring interviewer with other relevant details.

  1. Task: Then describe what were your responsibilities in the situation in brief and what things were at stake. 

  1. Action: Next, explain how you overcame the challenge. This is the most crucial part as you need to include your strengths and specific skills you used to overcome that challenge so that those qualities are clearly communicated to the interviewer. 

If the action is taken by the team then focus on your specific role highlighting your skills.

  1. Result: Finally, conclude your story by explaining the outcome you achieved by taking those actions and what you learned because of that situation. 

Try to list the top 10 interview questions about your field and build each story for every question using the STAR framework. 

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