Personal Development Hack 119: How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others?

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You might have noticed that sometimes you fall into a habit of comparing yourself to others on a regular basis and often times it proves to be harmful to us, causing feelings of envy, frustration, a drop in confidence, and even distress.

A recent study found that nearly 75% of people compared themselves with others and experienced envy because of that. 

But why do we compare ourselves to other people? One reason could be biological, where our brain uses comparison to figure out how we measure up to other people. Another reason could be the increased social media usage where we are constantly bombarded with trends that can make anyone feel like they are not enough.  

So, how to stop comparing yourself to others? The best hack to stop this negative comparison (comparing other’s positive strengths with your limitations) is to change your comparison target, hence, instead of comparing yourself to other people, you can compare your current self with your past self, with a positive component incorporated in it. For example, if your friend brought a new car and you are still using your first car, instead of comparing yourself and telling yourself, “I can’t even get a new car”, try comparing your current and past self and think that, “I didn’t even have a car when I started and now I have been safely driving one since years while also supporting sustainable living”.

This is effective because of two reasons, firstly, you think about your progress and feel competent and inner satisfaction, and secondly, you look for solutions instead of problems. 

Furthermore, to deal with negative thoughts and feelings of envy, you can try a basic hack to become your own best friend. All you need to do is whenever you feel negative or stuck in the past, you need to give yourself the same advice that you would have given to your best friend. 

Finally, remember to minimize your social media hours as much as you can as they are a major source of negative comparison.

Enjoy your own life without comparing it with that of another” -Marquis de Condorcet

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