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Each one of us wants to live a life without regrets, but as we live, experiencing regret is bound to happen. What makes some regrets hard in our lives is that oftentimes certain regretful experiences overwhelm and take over our lives. Therefore, regrets can make us become a prisoner locked in our past, hindering our growth and restricting our freedom to take on new paths.    

So, how to live life without regrets? The best hack is to slowly claim your own life. It sounds easy to say that it’s only you who bears the consequences of your life, so why not take decisions that make you happy. But in reality, it’s hard to practice this, especially when your actions influence the lives of people around you, including your family, friends, and those you work with. It can then be said that it is a skill to find the perfect balance in life, where you make everyday decisions that you probably won’t regret later, without actually jeopardizing your career or any relationships

To develop this skill, begin by becoming aware of how many decisions or actions you take everyday that are based on your own interest and how many are based on that of others? Secondly, reflect on a few small tasks which you don’t enjoy much and want to change something about them in your everyday life. Thirdly, take action on these small things and write about how that makes you feel? Lastly, try to make a commitment to slowly making significant decisions that interest you rather than others in your life.

Furthermore, you can also build a habit of writing a regret journal at the end of the day where you write what things you regretted in your day, what things you are glad that you did and won’t regret later? And what actions will you take in the next few days to overcome any current regret?  

Challenge: Ask yourself this question, If the world ends tomorrow, would you have any regrets? What will those regrets be? What can you do today to not have any one of those regrets tomorrow?

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