Personal Development Hack 149: How to Achieve Balance in Life?

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We all have different priorities and aspirations in life that motivate us. Imagine these aspirations or goals as pillars that help you to build a stable home or stable life, hence, it’s crucial to have a balance with these three pillars: career, love, and purpose.

So, how to work on these pillars? To build an effective career pillar, identify if you have clear career goals or not by asking yourself a few questions such as:

1. Where do I want to reach in the next 10 years? 

2. What role or kind of work should I be mastering in these coming years? 

3. Which person’s career do I aspire to the most?

4. What am I doing to reach there? 

Once you have clarity on the question above, then it’s time to boost up your pillar strength by identifying the following, usually having a coach or mentor helps you to make better career decisions:

1. Where do you lack strength?

2. Do you need to get more training about something? 

3. Do you need a mentor? 

4. Do you need to go back to college to get another degree?  

To build an effective Love pillar, begin by identifying different variations of love you already have. For example, you might have unconditional love for someone close to you, you might have comradery love for your friend and you might have nurturing love for your pet. Then identify the time and effort you make for these people and try to find a balance between the give and take of the affection amongst the two of you. And remember, it’s okay to be vulnerable around your close one, it helps in building more trust and a genuine relationship with others.

To build an effective purpose pillar, you need to understand that it’s not about personal or career-related purpose, it’s about the purpose which helps you to make your mark on the world. Hence, think about what difference you want to make in the world. You can move towards making such a difference by working on both micro and macro levels. For example, if you think your purpose is to make people’s life better then on a micro level you may work on bringing smiles to your friend’s or family members face, and on a macro level, you may start a blog or choose a career option that impacts other’s happiness.

Remember your purpose can change or shift with time, so there’s no hard and fast rule to stick to a purpose when you don’t feel passionate about it or if it doesn’t give you peace and satisfaction.  

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