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Do you find yourself struggling to follow through with a set goal? In the 21st century, Self-discipline which involves our ability to stay motivated, be on track in order to take action, and achieve the target goals we set for ourselves has become of utmost importance. This discipline is crucial for our overall life as studies report that those with higher levels of self-discipline have higher self‐esteem, better relationships, better interpersonal skills, and better emotional intelligence. Furthermore, they are also more satisfied and happy.

But, why do we face difficulty in being disciplined? A few possible reasons include fear of failure, lack of clarity of purpose in life or having people in the environment who enjoy spontaneous things instead of planned discipline. As discipline is something that we learn while growing up, therefore, the early development of a child is very crucial. The famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud proposed that children who fixate on the psychosexual development stages tend to later lack discipline in their life. 

So, how to build self-discipline? A simple hack could be the 3-C technique. This technique helps to build discipline for anything by a three-step process involving:

  1. Creating a goal
  2. Challenging yourself 
  3. Creating a deadline. 

This is an effective hack, as once you start using this method for multiple things, you will realize that the discipline learned for one thing, tends to pervade to other things as well. 

For example, if a person’s specific goal is to build the discipline of waking up early then you need to:

  1. Create a goal for when you want to wake up. 
  2. Challenge yourself by noting down the reduction in the number of alarms you now need in order to wake up and how early you woke up before an alarm rang.
  3. Put a deadline with a cost, for example, if you don’t build discipline of waking up early until the week after the next, then you will pay some money to your friend or family member as a fine. 

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” 

– Jim Rohn 

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