Personal Development Hack 151: How to deal with job burnout?

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Experiencing burnout at the job? Studies report that 77% of the employees admitted that they experienced burnout in their current job, wherein more than half of them further described experiencing more than one occurrence of burnout. Job burnout is characterized by three negative symptoms or outcomes known as emotional exhaustion, increased negative feelings about work and feeling incompetent and inefficient. 

So, how to deal with job burnout? A common assumption or approach taken by the majority of employers and employees to deal with job burnout is to take a vacation. While it may help, research suggests that daily recovery efforts are more important than a vacation. And that makes more sense as taking a vacation can give you the break and self-care you need, but there will be more pending work when you come back. Therefore, try to take more frequent breaks in your day, go for a little walk in these breaks so that you can release the stress-coping hormones and eventually feel better.   

Also, oftentimes employees are doing things that aren’t even in their job description, hence another way to deal with job burnout is to compare your regular tasks with your job description and make a list of things you are doing extra, the next step is to present this extra task’s list to your superior stating that as you are doing extra work and will need more time and assistance for successfully completing the same. 

Finally, remember to detach yourself physically as well as mentally from your work after your working hours by closing your laptop and being there for your own self with yourself.

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