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In the current business environment and advanced changes in technology, strategy, and market demands, having top talent is crucial for the organization to have a competitive advantage over themselves. Talent acquisition is the process that works on identifying and acquiring specific talented workers to meet your organizational needs and growth. 

Without the right talent in their right roles, the overall performance of the team and organization suffers that further affects the business success and by talent acquisition organization can achieve success, high employee engagement, higher retention and less turnover, improved performance, and satisfied customers.

Hence, the talent acquisition team’s responsibility is to effectively determine what skills, talent, and roles are needed in the organization and how to get employees to fulfill those roles and come on top of the competition. 

So, how to do an effective talent acquisition? Although there are many detailed processes and structures for talent acquisition, a simple and effective approach is to follow the AASR process which is in 4 steps called Assessment, Attraction, Selection, and Retention. 

  1. Assessment: It includes carefully assessing the specific needs of the organization and for this an effective method is to collect feedback from higher management and HR experts about what skills and qualities they need in an employee that can help achieve organization their business goals. 
  2. Attraction: It includes attracting the right talent that fits the organizational values and culture, and to do this organization needs to clearly communicate this before hiring the individuals. 
  3. Selection: It includes creating an interviewing and selection process that not only facilitates the selection of the right candidate based on ability, skills, experience, and fit, but also provides the other candidates with feedback on why they were not selected. 
  4. Retention: It doesn’t matter if you select the right talent if you can’t retain them, hence, try to build retention strategies in your organization culture like open- communication, effective employee relations, and training and development for career and personal growth.

This is an effective method because not only it focuses on selecting the best talent for the organization, but it also works for that talent to retain them in the organization for a longer period for the growth of both employees and the organization. 

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