Personal Development Hack 157: What do Millennials Aspire for in a Job?

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Millennials (born from 1981- 1996 are the first native digital generation to enter the workplace. Studies suggest that the millennials would be about 75% of the workforce till 2025, and therefore will be playing a major role in any organization’s success and/or failure. 

But trends show that the majority of organizations still need to learn this generation’s real aspirations and needs instead of assuming that fun activities such as after-work socials, ping-pong tables, and free coffee machines will help them retain this generation. It is true that this generation didn’t go through any major economic depression and also has multiple career options which are easily accessible.

So, what do Millennials look for in a job? There is extensive research on what Millennials want in a job and a few common factors that organizations should focus on are the following: 

  1. Culture fit: One of the most important aspects for employees is to have a culture-values fit where both employee-organisation values, ethics and culture are in sync and thereby increasing the performance of both employees and the organization.

  1. Recognition and growth: Millennials in an organization tend to demand more positive feedback than any other generation in the workforce. They also have personal and career growth amongst their top 3 priorities when selecting an organization. 

  1. Work- family balance: Because it is the generation who is connected to the internet 24/7 it is also the generation that suffers most in having a balance between work and personal life, hence research suggests that they prefer organizations that help in maintaining this balance. 

  1. Social impact and sustainability: Millennials as a generation have this need of being able to make an impact in the world. They tend to select organizations based on researching such initiatives in order to satisfy this need and to also have pride in being a part of such an organization. 

Challenge: Write three things you want from any organization in the comment section.  

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