Personal Development Hack 158: How to Support People you Care About?

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We’ve grown up observing those around us helping one another most of the time, listening to multiple anecdotal pieces of evidence suggesting that “Happiness is found in helping others”. But is this true? Research suggests that giving your time and energy to others is as nourishing to your soul as taking care of yourself. Hence, here we will talk about what you can do to support people you care about. 

But before that let’s understand why some people face problems while showing their support or care? Although there can be different reasons behind this a few common causes include: 

1. Insecure attachment style that might develop from bad attachment formed at childhood with a caretaker which results in difficulty in reaching out or lending help to others in the later stages of life. 

2. Another reason might include our own lack of energy or feeling compassion fatigue by constantly giving help or listening to other problems. 

So, how can you support people you care about? The first and most basic thing you need to do before thinking about anything is to show up for your support. Research suggests that even just by showing up, you can exponentially decrease other’s worry and increase a feeling of strength in others. 

Now, the most simple and effective hack is to identify and offer practical help to others, such as, in certain situations, there is little to nothing which you can do to improve the base situation, but you can still help by identifying simple things you can do, such as, making coffee and/or doing their mundane tasks. And if you are unable to identify such things, then ask what you can do for them. 

Remember to take care of a few things such as putting away your phone, not assuming what they feel or think, being patient when they don’t want to have a conversation, and how to not interrupt during conversations.  

“The more we care for the happiness of others, the greater is our own sense of well-being.”                 

          – Dalai Lama

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