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It’s no surprise that happiness enhances our physical and mental health, thereby becoming an essential aspect of our lives. In the past few decades, Happiness and well-being at the workplace have become a popular topic. Research suggests that being happier at work is linked to better health and well-being, more creative and effective problem solving, as well as enhanced productivity and innovation. Furthermore, it is also suggested that the happier the employee the better are their chances of career advancement in an organization.

But, what does happiness at work mean? It could be understood as:

1. An overall sense of enjoyment at work 

2. Being able to handle setbacks 

3. Connecting effectively with colleagues, and stakeholders

4. Knowing that the employee’s work matters to themselves, their organization, and beyond. 

So, how to build this happiness at work? An effective hack is to build purpose and meaning within your work. This provides space for a better connection between the employee and their respective roles, this connection enhances the feeling of enjoyment while doing work and might also make the employee feel that they are moving towards reaching their purpose.

Furthermore, to boost this purpose and meaning, organizations and leaders need to: Understand the motivation and goals of employees Then try to align them with organizational goals and culture. Although this might need an organization to change some work profiles and rearrange the teams and projects, it will definitely prove to be beneficial for both employees and the organization. 

Another important hack that organizations can build in their culture to boost employee happiness is to give regular internal rewards such as appreciation and encouragement.   

Bonus tip: Avoid making assumptions about what brings happiness to employees rather than ask them about it and then collectively make decisions.  

Challenge: Think about the last time someone encouraged and appreciated you for your work and write how it made you feel in the comment section.

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