Personal Development Hack 161: How to boost your post-covid career growth?

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Personal Development Hack 161: How to boost your post-covid career growth?

The COVID-19 pandemic took up a toll on each of our lives, on both the personal and the professional front, with evidence suggesting that over 200 million people experienced unemployment during the pandemic. Furthermore, this led to a fear of income and job security in a number of the employees, along with bringing new changes within an organization both structurally and functionally to create new opportunities.

So, how to boost post-covid career growth? The most effective hack is to make your work irreplaceable within your organization, such as by being portrayed as an asset to the organization and having an important role in its success. This may provide you with a competitive edge against the other employees and would work in the favor of your career growth.  

To do this, Introspect upon your role in your organization, what all do you bring to the table for the organization, how does that help the organization to move towards more success, as well as how easily, can you bring to the organization be replaced by someone else? Once you figure these out, then you can move towards bettering the quality of your work, thereby making yourself irreplaceable while highlighting your work that adds to the organization’s success and to further boost your career. A few techniques that may help you to increase your worth and boost your career are: 

  1. Identify your unique strengths which are beneficial when used for the organization’s success, also think about how you can better highlight them so that upper management knows your strengths. 
  2. Learn new skills that will be used in the future projects of the organization so that you can be an expert at something and hence to some extent become irreplaceable.
  3. Develop a multicultural and interconnected network by connecting with people from different departments of your organizations, different people from other organizations and communities, this will further improve your communication and leadership skills.
  4. Whenever you get the opportunity, step up and take new responsibilities in your organization. It communicates that you take initiative, have confidence and want to learn more. 

Bonus tip: Build resilience within yourself, as it helps you to bounce back from difficult situations, and is something that most organizations always look for in a prospective employee.

Challenge: Think about how the covid-19 impacted your career and write what you can do within this month to boost your career a little in the comment section. 

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