Personal Development Hack 162: How to Boost your Goal Commitment?

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We all seek to become better holistically, with health, career, and relationships taking the position of the key umbrella goals. While setting these goals seems easy, following up on them has been a challenge faced by a majority of us. This goal commitment highly relies on our internal motivation as well as individual differences, for example, a person has a high interest in one goal, hence shows long-lasting commitment in it, but has lack of interest in another hence fails to show commitment for that goal.  

Moreover, we find ourselves in a position to show commitment to goals where the need for money and power plays a much larger role.  An effective and simple hack to stick to completing these goals can be to use a progress board. A progress board is simply a board that can be made on a paper, chart, or online on a device, where you regularly input and specify your progress. To work on this progress board you need to have clarity about the goal and for that try to use the SMARTER technique. 

It works effectively as it includes both a basepoint and a final goal for being able to visibly see, experience, and feel more motivated about your goal achievement progress. This also helps in setting key milestones to reach the larger goal which aids in the better determination of your pace to achieve that goal. 

Bonus tip: Make a public commitment, by telling a few of your friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and family about your projects. Now, whenever you see them, they are bound to ask you about your status on those projects. To make this commitment stronger try to add a deadline in it, for example, “I will complete that project by next month”. If there are any specific groups for your goal, then joining them can give you the necessary boost in motivation to reach your goals. 

Challenge: Think about the hardest goal you had stuck to until it got completed and write in the comment section, which possible factors helped you in succeeding at finishing that goal. 

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