Personal Development Hack 163: How to master the art of follow-up?

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In the fast-paced world, growth within an organization is often monitored through a system of consistent follow-ups. This helps to generate a multitude of opportunities for business development, maintain active communication amongst employees, as well as helps in boosting sales. It is also a major part of the process of job searching while building a new business, growing an already established business, and building long-term relationships with other stakeholders.  

Although you can call or visit places to follow up on different leads the most efficient and used method globally is to take follow-ups through emails, these are efficient but may create an issue where the other person or party can take a passive approach.

So, how to deal with this issue? An effective and simple hack to master the art of following up involves focusing on three points:

  1. Make the message focus on them
  2. Add value in the message
  3. Strive to get an answer

By making the follow-up message a little about them and asking them a personal question can make it irresistible for them to not reply back, making the message centered around value also helps the respondent to know that you are offering something valuable, and lastly making your objective to get an answer helps you to save time if they aren’t planning to respond. 

For example, Mark applied to a manager position in an organization, and he had a quick call with Steve a week back but he hasn’t heard from him till now so he can send a follow-up Email message as, “ Hi Steve, it was great talking with you last week about the new manager position at your organization. I saw that you’re also an alum of Stanford College, good to know that a fellow is working in this organization.  

I had some new ideas about the open manager position and would like to share those with you. Would you be available tomorrow for a short call at about 15:00 BST? Please let me know what you think?”

Bonus tip: Remember that no matter how many times you’ve followed up, or how impeccable you think your proposal, resume, or pitch is; nobody is actually obligated to respond to your request, but making every email as respectful, polite, and humble in attitude can help.

Challenge: What was your hardest and easiest follow-up you have done until now, share them in the comments section. 

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