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We are social beings who live to communicate with another, thereby it becomes important to be able to get your idea across to the other person in a manner that makes them believe in it the same way as you do. This may not be as easy as it sounds like for everyone, which may further cause a variety of problems such as negatively affecting self-confidence, having a lack of opportunities in the future, and people becoming less proactive in taking decisions for themselves and/or those for a group. 

So, why do some people face difficulty in making others believe in their ideas? A few reasons include facing difficulty in communicating with others, lacking confidence within themselves, and there is also the inability to make a concrete plan for the idea due to which communication becomes more difficult leading to people unable to understand the plan and thereby not believing in it. 

Hence, to make others believe in your ideas, you should begin by building a Concrete plan about your idea so that if someone questions you about it then you can comfortably answer them. You can try practicing this by asking yourself the following questions: 

– What exactly is my idea?

– How am I planning to execute this? 

– What necessary steps will I need to take to complete it? 

– How much time and resources will I need for this? 

– How is it better than the other similar ideas? 

This is an effective approach because it helps to boost confidence within yourself as well as increase the quality of your idea. Furthermore, people may have doubts about how realistic your idea is, for this you can use these two methods:

  1. Application: Prepare and show a small application of your idea or highlight any of your previous achievements that resembles your current idea to increase your credibility.  
  2. Social proof: Provide social proof by highlighting specific people who liked your idea. The higher the authority and credibility of those people the easier will people believe in you.    

Bonus tip: Remember, how you communicate affects how much people believe in you and your idea, therefore, we can always keep working on communicating effectively.   

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