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The possibility of becoming an expert at everything is something we crave to achieve in a personal development hack. But mastering a few skills can prove to be more efficient and realistic as its advantages include not only saving time, but also an increase in productivity, and an opportunity for better career development for the employee. 

So, how does one begin to master a skill? One of the best hacks to master a skill is given by a Nobel prize winner, Richard Feynman. He suggested that to master a skill, you need to understand its working and its concepts in-depth, such that you are able to explain it well to even a child. And to do this, you can begin by simplifying ideas, sub-concepts, and their applications amongst each other. 

Therefore, to master any skill as per Feynman’s technique includes taking a paper and writing down the steps that are a part of building that skill in a way that even a 12 year old understands it well. If you think your steps and explanations are not good enough for that kid, then try using more simpler language and real-life examples. The idea is that when you struggle in this phase, you will force yourself to identify the gaps within your skill development and work on mastering them. You can also use any of your superior’s guidance to review your skill.

For example, If you are taught a new task at work and you need to master it. Then, finding an employee that wants to learn this skill is an ideal place for you to master your skill. Try to teach your learnings and skills to them and if you get stuck during any phase, then you can go back to your learning and work on that part again until you master the ability to teach it.

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