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Recognizing and appreciating employees make all the difference in the workforce, including their productivity, collaboration, motivation, and morale. To understand this, let’s take your own example.

Think about the last time you put all your efforts into a project and it proved to be something good. Now think about how much recognition you received for it and how it changed your perspective. There are two possibilities: First, you received positive recognition in the form of praise or reward that you still remember now. Or second, you did not receive anything and it made you feel that something was missing or your work was not that valuable.

This is the power of recognition, and an organization determines a lot of major factors associated with employees and organization.

Let’s look at the data from the Eaton corporation that has 95,000 employees all over the world. The data shows that after their employee recognition program, employees who received some kind of recognition are 2 times less likely to leave the organization compared to those who didn’t receive any recognition.

  • An employee can receive recognition from their superiors as well as from their teammates.
  • Although recognition from superiors does increase the likelihood of promotion and pay raise.
  • But recognition from coworkers is very crucial. 
  • It not only builds a feeling of value and part of the team but also builds a sense of community within the employee.
  • Recognition can also be done to employees for achieving a specific target or for their hard work and dedication too. 

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Creative and effective ways to recognize and appreciating employees:  

  1. Start an employee appreciation program: Managers can start an appreciation program for the employees.

That program will give proper points to teammates for every positive quality such as teamwork, leading a project, filling in for somebody else’s work, putting extra hours, and coming up with innovative solutions. 

These points collected at the end of the week or month could be redeemed for small prizes such as shopping vouchers or additional benefits such as having an extra day leave. 

Practicing such an employee recognition program can strengthen employee engagement. But remember, this recognition program should be inclusive of all people.

This means, no matter  which team or what their past accomplishments are eligible for the rewards. Excluding specific employees or groups can negatively affect performance.

  1. Recognize the personal accomplishments of employees:  When managers appreciate employees personal accomplishments, they feel closer to their organization and managers.

This is because employees feel that management does not only care about their work but also care about their personal achievements. These personal accomplishments can range from donating blood to getting a new house or car. It is the getting noticed by the management  that makes the employee feel more appreciated.

  1. Thank people personally and in front of others: Sending an appreciation mail is not bad but expressing appreciation in person is more impactful. 

Appreciating personally also encourages managers to speak about exactly what they are appreciating employees for. This is especially effective when the appreciation is in front of the team or other employees. 

Managers can do this at the end of the meeting or at the beginning of the day. This further helps other employees to look for key behaviors that lead to appreciation and work towards building them.

  1. The employee of the month: Choosing employee of the month by managers and executives on the basis of only performance is probably not the best way to appreciate them.

Nowadays, major organizations use a total feedback system where all employees vote for the person they think deserves most of the award. 

Managers can also introduce other awards that can be given for employees for showing qualities such as beilng a teamplayer, innovation, and punctuality, that often go unnoticed in the organization.  

  1. Following celebrations of the workplace: Managers can also actively participate in celebrations of employees at the workplace such as their birthday or their anniversary within the organization. 

It does not need to be a fancy celebration. Simply  pitching in for the  birthday cake, or a birthday card with a funny or heartfelt note  can make the employee feel valued within the organization

Employee appreciation and recognition are some of the basic and inexpensive ways to boost employee’s morale and commitment. A manager’s role in this process of appreciation is crucial and can even start with only two words used rarely with genuine intent, ‘thank you’ . No matter which technique a manager uses from the given above, it should be remembered that appreciating employees is a continuous process, not just a simple one-time thing that magically produces results.

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